About Us

LA-NY Inc. offers opportunities for actors, models, singers and dancers to be seen by top agents, managers, producers and casting directors at selected events in Canada, the United States and Europe. We also scout new & established actors and models  for placement in the local Toronto market.

Active in the industry for over four decades as an instructor, model/talent agent and manager, LA-NY Inc. company owner, Traute Siebert, operated Fulcher Agency for 25 years before handing over the reins to her daughter, Clarissa, in early 2016. During that time, Traute helped guide the careers of many hundreds of models and actors in Canada and on the international stage.

LA-NY Inc. scouts and carefully chooses the talent recommended for participation at events such as IMTA in New York, Universal Actors Showcase in Los Angeles and the European Model Showcase in Paris. We offer training in advance of these events to fully prepare participants for the competitions and to meet with top agents & managers looking for new talent.

If you’re interested in or would like more info about one of the events or local representation, click here.