Universal Actors Showcase

Where talent connect with industry professionals

UAS offers selected actors intense training workshops with some top L.A. Casting Directors, Agents and industry professionals. Actors will also meet one-on-one with EACH agent attending to perform a monologue & commercial, followed by immediate feedback and advice.

Some of the Agents, Managers and Casting Directors who’ve attended UAS: Al Onorato of Unified Mgmt… Maverick Artist’s Agency… Baca Casting… Savage Agency… The Osbrink Agency… Rage Talent Agency… Discover Management… Clear Talent Group… Envy Agency

What actors say about UAS:

“Amazed at the event. It’s unbelievable the collection of agents you have at your disposal. They are powerful, engaged and they want you to succeed. It’s amazing. I feel very lucky I’ve been able to take advantage of this showcase, thank you!”
Donna A., Fulcher Agency, Toronto

“I’m so happy I went to the Universal Actors Showcase. I feel like I learned so much over the course of the week. I feel so much more prepared to go to auditions and book jobs.”
Nikki R., The Rock Agency, Wisconsin

“I convinced my agent to let me come back here; this is my second time. I told him the training we got presenting our monologues, one-on-one, to these incredible agents who cast and work in L.A., was truly amazing and I wanted to do it again. The experience was incredible.”
Andrew B., Fulcher Agency, Toronto CANADA

“It’s been a great experience, really good for networking, having all these agents and casting directors hear your name and see your face. And on top of that, the feedback they gave us in invaluable.”
Hugh G., NEMG, New Hampshire

“I had a great time and learned so much of how the L.A. market really works. The agents took their time with each of us and seemed truly interested in our success. It was the best experience I’ve had on the professional side of acting. I would think anyone starting to act would take advantage of this amazing opportunity.”
Mehmet S., Excel Model and Talent, Aizona

Leo talks about his experience at UAS!

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